Goetre Primary Takeover Day

Glamorgan Archives has been taken over by Goetre Primary, Methyr Tydfil!  The group working in community engagement have written a blog about what they found out at the Archives.


In the Workhouse there were no non-working days for the children because if they ate there they had to work there too! There is a lot of history about the two towns Cardiff and Merthyr Tydfil. Goetre pond and the Boathouse are now covered up with mud and grass. The oldest object the Glamorgan Archives have is nearly 850 years old. There are diaries about children written by the headmaster in 1862 – Libby and Samia


In the strong rooms you can make the shelves move by turning left and right and the middle button can lock by pushing it and unlocks by pulling it – Lewis


Thomas Barry stole 6 rhubarb tarts and he ended up in jail for 14 days and went to reformatory school when he was 7 and a half.  The oldest thing was 850 years old it was a piece of paper from Henry II it was called a grant – Alicia and Elle


We found out that Goitre pond was there a couple of years ago and there was a boat shed but today it isn’t there it is covered up to be a little forest – Cameron and Callum