The Glamorgan Archives Searchroom Library

Of the seventy-five 75th accessions received since 1939, five are items to be found in our searchroom library. In the past, all published items received into the library were accessioned in the same way as documents, with details recorded in the official Glamorgan Record Office accessions registers.

Over time, this process changed, with a separate Library accessions register established to record the receipt of printed items – be they purchased reference books or gifts from authors and members of the public.

Today, items received into the Library are not accessioned at all. Instead, they are assigned a reference number and details are added to our catalogue, Canfod. We have retrospectively added details of all books in our Library to Canfod. This was quite a task as it encompassed not only the books available to browse in the searchroom but also our pamphlet collection held behind the scenes. We were fortunate to be able to draw on the expertise of a number of trained librarians amongst our volunteers to undertake this work.

The Library

The Library

Here at Glamorgan Archives we collect, preserve and make accessible documents relating to the history of Glamorgan and its people. We do not actively collect published works. Over the years our Library has been reduced with many publications transferred to more appropriate homes at local libraries. Nevertheless, the small Library available here remains important to staff and researchers alike as it supplements the archival collections; it provides members of the public with guides on the use of archives and on the undertaking of specific research work relating to our holdings, and it provides our staff with up-to-date professional information and guidance on the management, care and conservation of archives.