Cardiff People First: The Pink Ladies Project

Cardiff People First is a self-advocacy organisation run by and for people with a learning disability in Cardiff. They stand up for their rights and campaign to change attitudes, get better services and enjoy more opportunities. They fight for equality, understanding, respect and acceptance.

Cardiff People First members have worked on a number of important projects.  During 2015-2017 they received funding from Comic Relief for a Pink Ladies Project aimed at ensuring women were more confident and empowered to access more services and activities within their community.


Pink Ladies Project Officer Dawn depositing documents with Glamorgan Archives

The members of Pink Ladies are women with a learning disability. They have identified the most important things to them, the barriers that stop them living their lives. They’ve met with mainstream and learning disability services developing good working relationships and want to do more. The themes they want to concentrate on are: increased access to education and work opportunities; increased understanding of and access to health opportunities; and increased understanding and access to mainstream women’s identity services.

Project papers now held at the Archives (ref. D1351) include questionnaires, feedback papers, evaluation forms, work plans, agendas and reports, newsletters and various information packs relating to women’s health.


You can find out more about the Pink Ladies project by watching their films on You Tube:

The Pink Ladies project is just one of several initiatives undertaken by Cardiff People First.  Their work continues, and we’re looking forward to seeing their Archive grow as well, reflecting the full range of their amazing work.

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