The War Diary of Mervyn Crawshay

29. Sep 1914

I manage to crawl down 11 o’clock. Apparently the situation the same, tho’ Germans made some tentative attacks yesterday easily repelled.

This should suit us, as we lose practically no one.

Hear that the Cameron Highlanders have been wiped out at breakfast by a coal box.

The French turning movement has been met by 4 corps Germans from Malines. Apparently their best troops have gone to the East, our theatre is for the moment a secondary one. Germans said to be heavily entrenching. Don’t think we will move, so will get well before the Regiment moves, a bit of luck.

30. Sep 1914

The 11th Hussars move in here, because the 9th Lancers have been badly shelled at Longuecoal and had 40 odd casualties.

De Lisle kept them there all day, refusing to let them move. Things are rather crowded here. Read the papers and try to see the end and don’t look very near, but they say the Stock Exchange are laying 4-1 on peace by November 1st. Afraid this is only one of the usual canards.

Much the same here, a French success reported against flank of 2 German corps, its possible. Our Aisne casualties in paper.

1 Oct 1914

Leg better, I cannot go far yet, read papers and write letters

3 Oct 1914

Expect to move, but don’t. I fill the day as best I can reading discussing possibilities and hearing rumours, such as General v. Kluck surrounded with 40,000 men

4. Oct 1914

We move in morning, White and myself in the ambulance. Get taken to the wrong place, then to a dirty billet, vacated by gunners, near a church.

The supply man comes in, and as I can’t walk, suddenly head for Paris. Motor to Fere by the Flying Head quarters, all lit up, rockets in air.

Get bagged by Hospital people, get on train heading for the base.

Hear of Tetanus.

5. Oct 1914

Kavanagh and I go straight to the Ritz, where we are taken in free, it has just re-opened.

A suite of luxurious rooms, an enormous bath and every modern luxury.

Get masseur, in particular to hotel, and barber.

Come out another being.

Round Paris, to Chatham Champs Elysée and tea at Café de la Paix, meet American and French officers, after go on to Maxims, Harvey of the 9th Lancers joins up, we go to Moulin Rouge

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