Parish Records

Parish records feature as the 75th accession on four occasions: 1967, 1970, 1977 and 1980.

Parish Records can relate either to the civil or ecclesiastical parish. Civil Parish Councils were established by the Local Government Act 1894. The civil parish took over some responsibilities previously administered by the ecclesiastical parish.

Parish records can include vestry minutes, service registers, Parochial Council minutes and tithe plans and apportionments, as well as registers of baptism, marriage and burial. All of which are valuable local and family history resources.
Glamorgan Archives has over six thousand catalogue entries for parish records dating from the 1500s to the 2000s. It is now easier than ever before to use parish registers for family history. Registers deposited with Glamorgan Archives have been indexed and digitised. A photograph is taken of each page in the register and made available online via Find my Past or in our document search room via Plwyf, our in-house searchable parish register database.

Parish Registers can be a source of information for family history, but also for so much more. St David’s Cardiff Roman Catholic Baptism Register (1836-1855) includes within it a list of Cholera dead for 1849. The list of sixty eight names shows the devastating affect such an epidemic could have upon a congregation.

D29-1-1 CholeraThe 1849 Burial Register for Merthyr Tydfil chronicles a mysterious death. On October 19th an unknown body is buried after being ‘found drowned in Mr A. Hills pond’.

stranger drowned

The 75th accessions for the years 1967 and 1970 were both tithe plans (Ref: P/97 Parish of Marcross and P/80/2b Parish of Coity Lower.) Tithe plans usually date from the early 1840’s and for many parishes, particularly in rural areas, they constitute the oldest surviving maps. Tithe was a type of tax originally paid in kind – with produce from the parish lands – and later as a monetary sum, by parishioners to the parish church and clergy. The plans are actually maps showing the land within a parish, and detailed in the accompanying apportionment are the names of the owners and occupiers of the land, the use of the land and any buildings, and the amount of tithe that is owed to the church from that portion of land. They are especially useful for local and house history.

P80-2 06

The final 75th accession for Parish Registers is a collection of civil parish minutes from Lisvane Parish Council (Ref: P56). Reading the minutes of the meeting of June 1939 you can see that their concerns no doubt mirror those of a modern council – speeding, bus services and litter!

 P56-1-1 01

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