Cardiff Hockey Club and Jesus College, Cambridge

The 75th accession received in 1999 comprised three photographs; two show members of Cardiff Hockey Club, in seasons 1921-22 and 1922-23, the other shows the freshmen of Jesus College, Cambridge in 1915.

Cardiff Hockey Club was established in 1896 and was initially known as Roath Hockey Club. But the name soon changed, and by 1899 they had two successful sides playing against local rivals.

The players featured in our photographs are all named.

Cardiff Hockey Club 1921-22

Cardiff Hockey Club 1921-22

The First XI for 1921-22 were: (Back Row l-r) R. S. R. David, H. W. Brown, J. H. Bennett, F. T. Arnold, W. S. Courtis, K. R. D. Fawcett, B. S. Rees (Front Row l-r) W. A. Phillips, G. M. Turnbull, G. M. Maine-Tucker, R. T. S. Hinde (Capt.), A. T. Harper, A. Edmunds.

Cardiff Hockey Club 1922-23

Cardiff Hockey Club 1922-23

In 1922-23 the First XI featured: (Back Row l-r) Fred Thomas (Ref.), J. D. Morgan, L. R. Morgan, D. A. Duncan, C. V. Miller, R. Parry Jones, A. T. Harper (Front Row l-r) R. S. R. David, Captain R. T. O. Cary, H. W. Browne (Capt.), R. T. S. Hinde, B. S. Rees.

The photograph of Jesus College freshmen was taken in 1915, during the early years of the First World War. It features:

Jesus College freshmen, 1915

Jesus College freshmen, 1915

(Back row l-r) J. Williams, H. C. Lee, A. Jackson, M. Solomans, A. J. Newling, C. T. Deshmulche (Front row l-r) J. K. Redgrave, A. Richardson, Rev. N. B. Nash, L. A. Pare, B. S. Lloyd, R. S. R. David, Rev. K. H. Gray

If you have any information on these students, or on the Cardiff Hockey players, we would very much like to hear from you.

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