The Cardiff District Super Aeration Ltd. Records

Aeration is the process by which oxygen is mixed with a liquid, and it is commonly used to create aerated water for drinking – either as fizzy mineral water or as fizzy pop!

The Cardiff District Super Aeration Company undertook such work and, in 2010, we received as our 75th accession a letter book from the company, covering the period 1901-1914 (D687).

Letter book

Letter book

The volume comprises outgoing letters signed by the company secretary, Thomas Evans. The correspondence shows that in December 1902 there was an extraordinary general meeting of the company, when it was agreed that the company be voluntarily wound up with a view to being amalgamated with London Super-Aeration Ltd. 

Thomas Evans later became clerk to the Cardiff Pilotage Board and used the latter part of the letter book in this capacity. Further records of the Cardiff Pilotage Board and Cardiff Pilotage Authority can be found at Glamorgan Archives under the references DPIL and DX914.

Letter to David Morse

Letter to David Morse

The final letter in the book, written by Evans as Clerk to the Cardiff Pilotage Board, is addressed to D. Morse of Penarth, a descendent of pilot David Morse, also of Penarth, who gave evidence to Parliament in support of the 1866 Bute Dock Bill. Morse’s involvement in the Parliamentary process, and the research undertaken into his story by the Grangetown Local History Society, forms the basis for Sea of Words, an animated film produced by artist Trevor Woolery for the Parliamentary Archives. The film explores the connections between Cardiff communities and Parliament through the development of Cardiff Docks in the 19th century. It draws on unique archival material held by the Parliamentary Archives and Glamorgan Archives and features contributions from Grangetown Local History Society.

To view the film visit

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